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Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Mart 2011’de “Archi-Cultural Translations through the Silkroad” başlıklı bir konferans düzenliyor. Başvurular 5 Kasım 2010’da sona erecek.

“This conference aims to enhance awareness of cultural translations and cross/trans cultural interactions along the Silkroad beyond borders. It aims to address intensions and tensions of translation in space and time – where the effects of such translations are still actively experienced.

Silkroad is considered as a container and conveyor of knowledge; as a medium of interaction among different cultures. Going beyond the conventional explorations within the dichotomy of east and west; the variegated cultural and spatial practices of the Silkroad is intended to be explored through close study of local dynamics and through the perspective of cultural translations.

Studies in cultural translations imply the interaction of different cultures in various mediums where they adopt, borrow, assimilate and translate from one another. By its very nature, the act, the process and the experience of cultural translation is an active and creative process. Such multicultural interaction subsists a multitude of dynamics, and, gives birth to a broad range of study material; the object of translation, the creative process of translation, the end product, actors of translations, ideology and politics, strategies and means, reasons and motives of translation, the impact of translation, and others. Cultural translation essentially denotes the existence of at least two cultures where one intends to translate – adopts or inspires, from the other, intentionally and/or ideologically, or, unintentionally; with or without the consent and/ or knowledge of the other. Thus, this conference aspires to shed light on such intentional or unintentional cultural interactions through the Silkroad in terms of space and spatial practices; experience, design and perception of the built and natural environment.

Since translation is a form of cultural communication, this conference aims to initiate mapping networks, agents and examples of interaction exploring the dynamic and creative interfaces of the Silkroad; the unity and diversity of spatial practices within this special geography in perspective.

It is the aim of this conference to foster cultural exchange in present and in future prospects, beyond sharing the knowledge of history. The main intention of the conference is to provide scholars, researchers and designers from across the Silkroad with an opportunity to explore and debate historical, contemporary and future problems relating to the fields of architecture, regional and city planning, urban design and landscape cultures and practices of the Asian countries.”

Ayrıntılı bilgi için konferans sitesine bkz.: http://www.ia-su.org

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