23 Mart: tekom Türkiye – Structuring Technical Documentation

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23 Mart 2012 günü, İstanbul Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi, Çeviribilim Bölümü, Genel Kurul Odasında, 09.00-17.30 saatleri arasında,  “tekom Türkiye – Structuring Technical Documentation” toplantısı gerçekleştirilecek. Kalıtım serbesttir.

March 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Istanbul Universitesi Edebiyat Fakultesi, Ceviribilim Bolumu, Genel Kurul Odasi, Ordu Cad. No. 196, 34459 Laleli – ISTANBUL

Structuring Technical Documentation

09.00 Opening

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Işin Bengi-Öner

09.10 The World of Style Guides at SAP – Part I

Do I need to use italics for product names? What is the standard formulation for cross-references? These are typical questions that everybody expects to be answered by a style guide. At SAP, such questions are answered by the “General Standards and Guidelines for Writing at SAP”. They ensure corporate identity at the level of words and sentences. Due to the wide range of different SAP software products, we also have different documentation types (e.g. field help, installation guide), for which additional style guides exist. Developing and positioning style guides in a highly dynamic and innovative working environment, such as that at SAP, can be quite challenging at times. At SAP, we not only have to find the right balance between generic and product specific guidelines, we also have to find new ways of reaching the technical authors in time: Wikis and online communities – here we come.

Speaker: Andrea Gocke, Knowledge Architect, SAP AG, Germany

10.00 Coffee break

10.30 The World of Style Guides at SAP – Part II

Continuation of the earlier lecture with Ms. Andrea Gocke.

11:30 Discussion

12.00 Lunch break

13.15 Difficulties of Technical Documentation from the point of view of reinisch Turkey

reinisch in Istanbul also creates technical documentation for its Turkish customers. The following points will be considered from the angle of “technical documentation on the Turkish market”:

1. General approach of customers towards technical documentation

2. A lack of legal provisions with reference to technical documentation

3. No field of study or apprenticeship available as technical editor

Speaker: Sibel Büyüksolak, Chief of Sales and Marketing Department, reinisch Turkey

Aylin Büyüksolak, Project Manager, reinisch Turkey

14.00 Basic Principles and Structuring of Technical Documentation –

Workshop Part I

How do we as technical writers or “information architects” work? Is our information user happy with our “information products”? Does our user manual or online help really help?

In this workshop we will explore some principles and ideas that help us to improve our information design. We will have a look at: Product lifecycle, Product archetypes, User models and archetypes, The “w”-questions (who, what, where, when and under which conditions), Navigation structure and navigation aid, Advantages and disadvantages of some types of information products.

No special previous knowledge is required to join. This workshop shall give you some ideas for improving your “information design” talent.

Speaker: Peter Oehmig, tekom board member and technical writer at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Germany

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Basic Principles and Structuring of Technical Documentation –

Workshop Part II

Continuation of the earlier workshop with Mr. Peter Oehmig.

17.30 End of event


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